Our Team

  • Albert Zeeman | Founder and owner

    As the proud founder and owner of Premium Voices, Albert likes to stand at the front and back doors, as he himself puts it. He attends to your request for a quote and remains closely involved in the production process until the delivery of the voice-over recording.

    Albert has been active since 1992 as a voice-over and audio producer. As such, he can be heard every day in a commercial for De Telegraaf and as the voice-over on Discovery Channel. Customer demand for foreign voices in 2007 sparked off the idea of starting Premium Voices.

  • Nina van den Brul | Project coordinator

    Enthusiastic and outgoing, Nina ensures that all quote requests and productions are completed accurately and on time, with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.

    As a former event coordinator, Nina is a pro at keeping all the balls in the air. She is happy to lend a helping hand and thrives in challenging situations. Her enterprising mind-set allows her to translate developments in the voice-over market into new concepts for Premium Voices.

  • Sanna Hollenberg | Administration

    Sanna is our administrative star. She enjoys the pleasant contact with the voice actors and her strict yet fair role as debtor contoller.

    Sanna has been with Premium Voices from the very start and knows the ins and outs of the company. This means she can jump in and help during peak times.

  • Emiel Mulder | Sound engineer

    Audio geek Emiel is no stranger to private and professional recording studios. Having originally started as a DJ, this jack of all trades can increasingly be found commanding the digital buttons.

    He can't resist a microphone and he has more than proven his talent as an audio technician in the Premium Voices studio.